• I am committed to upholding the dignity of my research participants in the field and being fully transparent with my participants as to the nature of my research and the methods used to conduct that research.

  • I strive to reach audiences outside of the realm of academia so that the fruit of the knowledge gained through research can be dispersed.

  • I am determined to be holistic in my approach to solving problems in that I use knowledge from all areas to answer questions about the human experience, in the past and present. To compare multiple facets of knowledge to reach new and deeper understandings of complex issues is vital to a career in anthropology.

  • I am resolute in my commitment to work collaboratively with fellow researchers, research participants, and local populations. I always put in maximum effort in my projects to work collaboratively so that the outcome can more deeply contribute to a further understanding of human diversity in thought, belief, and physiology, and can progress our understanding of human nature.

  • I believe in the power of knowledge to improve people's lives when it is ethically founded and used.