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Solar Thermal Plant
Solar Thermal Plant

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Wind Tower Square in Masdar UAE
Wind Tower Square in Masdar UAE


La Reunion Faunal Specimen
La Reunion Faunal Specimen

Solar Thermal Plant
Solar Thermal Plant

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Growing up in Tyler, Texas, Aaron was homeschooled by his mother, and can remember always going to the bookstore with his father and exploring the history section with him. On Aaron's 12th birthday his father gave him one of his sets of Will Durant’s The Story of Civilization. For nearly two years after that, he would prefer reading Durant to anything else. This curiosity and love of history and philosophy is what initially led Aaron to anthropology, and what continues to guide his studies. 


Aaron earned a B.F.A. in Dance Performance and a B.A. in Anthropology from Southern Methodist University in May 2019 with funding from the Meadows Artistic Scholarship. He was granted Departmental Distinction in Anthropology for the completion of a senior thesis, which will be published in the university's Journal of Undergraduate Research. In his senior year, he also received the Outstanding Senior Student award for anthropology and the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance.


Since graduation, he has worked short-term contracts at dance studios and companies such as North Central Ballet, Chamberlain Ballet, Tuzer Ballet, Park Cities Dance, Tyler Junior College, and Ballet Dallas, and charity events such as DIFFA: Dallas, a charity that raises funds and grants those funds to companies providing preventative treatment for AIDS/HIV. Due to the coronavirus pandemic halting much of the work in the arts, Aaron has decided to further pursue his intellectual passions and apply to graduate school. Anthropology gave Aaron a strong systems thinking and analytical foundation, as well as experience working in a holistic discipline where history, philosophy, and science meet.

He believes that the more we know and understand about ourselves and the universe we live in, and the more we share that knowledge, the more stable, prosperous, and happy our societies will be. This is balanced by the prospect that the knowledge we gain is for the use of everyone, and no group or individual should ever be wronged to obtain that knowledge.

For more information on Aaron's research agenda, click "Personal Statement."



Essentially, anthropology is the holistic study of humans. Holism being the key word here, anthropology seeks to answer questions and solve problems about the human experience, past, present and in some ways future, using the knowledge and techniques from various disciplines and professions. While the anthropologist would usually refrain from using such generalities, an applied anthropologist understands that all social issues are also cultural issues, and that culture, that universal human trait, can be studied to solve these issues.
Anthropology has made Aaron a people-oriented problem solver and a qualitative and holistic thinker, allowing him to approach issues from multiple perspectives. Aside from its ability to enlighten, Anthropology has direct application to the workplace. It gives you a cultural competency when you have a global awareness of the people around you. In addition, anthropology has given me an acute attention to detail, and a strict adherence to scientific standards of conduct.



August 2015-May 2019


Earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in Dance Performance from the Meadows School of the Arts, and a Bachelor of Art in Anthropology with Departmental Distinction in the Dedmen School of Humanities and Sciences. I received the Outstanding Senior Student award for anthropology and the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance.
Coursework included introductory work in all four fields of anthropology, regional survey courses of the Pacific, North America, and Africa, ethnographic and sociological research methods, and a rigorous curriculum of writing.  
Both Transcript and List of References  available upon request. Click below for contact.

August 2013-May 2015


Received a high school diploma in the top 10% his class. Was elected Vice President of the Student Body and Chair of the Community Service Committee. Upon graduation, he received the Christus Award for community service and the continued display of academic integrity.

To view my academic work in Anthropology, click below.



Wind Tower Light From Daliy Mail.jpg


A Case Study

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been a major supplier of fossil fuel for the world economy for decades, which has allowed the country to thrive economically. But global concerns over ecological destruction and climate change is prompting the UAE’s leaders to pursue alternative sources of energy. From this ecological fear, Masdar City was born, an ambitious project that hopes to create the world’s first “zero-carbon” emission city. The project’s goal is to utilize energy in a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable system without sacrificing modern lifestyles. This case study will utilize theory on energy and infrastructures to analyze the implications of the project’s innovations, as well as to explore the rising intersection of neoliberalism and environmentalism to understand how a project like Masdar came to be. In 2016, ten years after its initial construction, the city still had not achieved net zero-carbon emissions, but a mere 50%. The project’s ambitions included the creation of a new energy-based currency to account for consumption, and the integration of a massive data vault that stores all consumption of energy. What is found is a complex and highly integrated information system that could lead to the selling of information and the corporate/governmental manipulation of data for control over populations.



Perot Museum of Nature and Science-Exhibits Team Intern

Fall 2020

  • Delivered exceptional results to contract employers including: Ballet Dallas, Tuzer Ballet, Chamberlain Ballet, Tyler Junior College, Park Cities Dance, and North Central Ballet and participated in the AIDs fundraising event "DIFFA Dallas."

  • Managed beginning-to-end contracting process by actively networking, booking performances, scheduling rehearsals/events, arranging travel, and processing contract documentation

Independent Contracting (Dance Performance)

Fall 2018

  • Delivered exceptional results to contract employers including: Ballet Dallas, Tuzer Ballet, Chamberlain Ballet, Tyler Junior College, Park Cities Dance, and North Central Ballet and participated in the AIDs fundraising event "DIFFA Dallas."

  • Managed beginning-to-end contracting process by actively networking, booking performances, scheduling rehearsals/events, arranging travel, and processing contract documentation


August 2017-August 2018

  • Crafted specialized drinks and performed tasks accurately and quickly in a high-pressure environment

  • Connected with customers while performing the customer support role which kept the store organized and clean

SMU Archaeology Collections-Undergraduate Research Assistant

January-May 2017

  • Organized SMU’s James Collins Collection of artifacts into an accessible and malleable database, allowing for easier editing and review of artifact information

  • Created an Excel database that housed over 400 artifacts for the use of the Anthropology Department

  • Catalogued the data using observable class traits and contextual information, making the data comprehendible; collaborated with faculty and graduate students to link all catalogued information to the online database

Tyler Junior College-Dance Teacher 

June-July 2016

  • Taught Modern Dance classes of various sizes, facilitating the discussion of various aspects of imagery, emotion, perspective, and intent

  • Strategized curriculum and class structure to introduce students to essential skillsets in the dance industry, and to set them on a path to mastering specified abilities

  • Communicated complex concepts and movements to students at their individual level of understanding

  • Resolved personal and scheduling conflicts between students



Business Meeting

A Collaborative Leader 

Teamwork is Key

What is a collaborative leader? This trait is primarily derived from 11 years of rigorous training in dance performance. If dance has taught me anything, it has been how to work within the system to make the system shine. From performing in grand ensembles to composing dances in a team, the performing arts require collaboration. I have an acute ability to step up and be the innovative leader when I need to be, or step down and take direction with absolute accuracy. While this transitionary skill is helpful in teamwork, being a collaborative leader is about maintaining that position as director or manager, but fostering a community of openness to creativity and innovation from the various experts on your team. This trait is exemplified in both my performance and production experience in the "Senior Dance Concert," as well as in the extensive laboratory work in the anthropology department.


Written and Oral

Academically, I have written a plethora of essays and reports including a 50-page case study for departmental distinction in anthropology at Southern Methodist University. When directing my senior choreographic piece for dance, I submitted a grant proposal and was awarded $350 to assist in the creation of my piece. Throughout this process, each student received extensive coaching on writing for grants.

Teaching and tutoring has given me great skill in oral communication. Conveying concepts clearly and accurately and then assessing the students' absorption of those concepts is an important skill in communicating with others. In addition to this, some of my strongest positive feedback in college came from well-executed oral presentations in both anthropology and advertising courses. 

Laptop Writing
Two Pens on Notebook


Literary Research and Research in the Field

I have knowledge of and experience with ethnographic field methods and comparative analysis, and have conducted surveys and interviews in the context of coursework before. I am proficient in the online literary management software "Mendeley" and have written many in-depth research essays using a variety of sources and types of data.

Software Technical Skills 

Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Mendeley

Throughout my college career, I have used the Word and PowerPoint applications of office in nearly every course to create presentations and write essays. I have used Excel to record both qualitative and quantitative data in coursework, and manage budgets as financial coordinator for some dance events and concerts. I also earned multiple Linkedin Learning Certificates in Excel to improve my ability to use formulas, charts and manipulate data in the program. 

Organized Desk

Contact me directly to learn more specifics about my skill set.

Office with a View

"Man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun."

Clifford Geertz




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